Kennel Merryant´s is a small family kennel. Due to earlier full time works we only have had seven (7) litters, but now both of us being retired it´s our time for new littters. We are really looking forward to it!

Some dogs to remember from our small kennel:

Our very first Beagle, Beagler´s Beau Brummell "BEAU". A good shower, top winning Beagle in the early 1970´s. He was also a good tracker. He sired seven (7) litters and you can still find him in pedigrees here in Sweden. Beau didn´t like to be left alone, so in 1973 we bought our second Beagle, Beagler´s Sweet Sonnie "SONNIE", our foundation bitch.

Sonnie was a smart, very American looking beagle, not common at all in Sweden those days. She had only one litter. Svante hunted her a lot and she was also merited in tracking. In the litter mentioned above IntNordShCh SwFdCh Wild-Honey "HONEY" was born. She was owned, shown and hunted by Catharina Linde-Forsberg, kennel Beagler's, who at that stage of our "Beagle life" had become a close friend of ours. When Honey was mated to NW-82 Beagler´s Black-Gold "Skipper" we bought Beagler´s Myrten "MYRA".

Myra had BOB:s, CACIB:s and group-placements. She was a good hunter. She was a top producer being the dam of:

Merryant´s Yankee Doodle "KLOFFE", also a top winning dog with BOB-, group- and SBIS placements. He was a good hunter, too and he could take credit for a son with field merit.

Merryant´s Darnel "SIGHSTEN", SBIS and merited in the field with a first prize on roe deer. He gained his 3 CC:s in a row. Also a proven sire with a group winning offspring.

SW-89 Merryant´s Daphne "DAFFIE", SBOS, merited in tracking and a good hunting dog before she had an accident with a snake and was forbidden to hunt anymore.

SW-90, -92 Merryant´s Daisy Strax O´Champhurst "DAISY", top winning Beagle in her prime with SBIS, group wins and -placements. Also a top producer and foundation bitch at Kennel Champhurst (among other things the dam of MultiCh Champhurst Bark at the Moon and SW-94 Champhurst Batteries Not ´Ncluded).

With Myra´s offspring we took:
4 times Best Broad Bitch with Prize of Honour
4 times Best Breeders Group with Prize of Honour

Myra was also the granddam of:

Merryant´s Sweet Camelia "FRIDA", Anne's "once in the life time-dog" and merited in tracking and a SBIS-winner aswell.

Now to the future..

Joberits Deirdre at Merryant "DIDDI" (seventh generation from Sonnie) was bought from Berit Johansson, kennel Joberits, in 1997. She has 2 BOB:s, group placement, CACIB, 5 times Best Bitch. Diddi is a good hunting dog.
In 2000 Diddi had her first litter of seven and they all show promise both in the show ring and in the field.

We kept:

Merryant´s Honeysuckle Rose "HILLDA". She is the future...

Anne's Dog History

I was born into a home with animals around me. My grandfather had a "Smålandsstövare", a native hunting breed. My mother, grandmother and aunt had Scottish Terries. And then birds, canaries and parrots, and all other animals that I took home. At 11 years I got my first own Scottish Terrier, Mountebanks McWilliam "MACKY". He was not so easy to cope with - he hated all dogs and was constantly in fights. But I learnt a lot from that too.
My aunt was very intrested in grooming and showing the dogs so I followed her around.

From my heart I thank this wonderful family, who taught me so much about animals and nature and to take care of it!

Now we, my husband Svante, I and the four Beagle bitches Mica, Diddi, Hillda, and Iris are living in a village outside Stockholm (capital of Sweden) having a good time, showing, hunting and tracking with our Beagles.

Svante's Dog History

I grew up in the country side and was always surrounded by a lot of different hunting dogs. Therefore when my wife Anne and I in 1970 decided to become dog owners it was obvious that we should choose a hunting dog and we both thought Beagle was the right breed. The Beagle is of the right size, very nice and cheerful and also very good looking.

Since the first Beagle we have had a lot of Beagles and we also started breeding.

I am hunting with our dogs and I am also a judge in tracking. I am a member of the board of the local Beagle Club where I am responsible for shows and finance.

Anne Ljunggren Schelin & Svante Schelin
Girestaby 2, SE-740 82 Örsundsbro, SWEDEN
E-mail: merryantbeagles@hotmail.com